Donor Tiles

By purchasing a donor tile in a George Gregan Foundation playground, not only will you become part of a playground, but you will also help us maintain our playgrounds and build more. The donor walls are integrated into the George Gregan Foundation playgrounds and feature tiles engraved with names of playground supporters.

The tiles come in three sizes:
Small ($40) approximately 10 letters
Medium ($80) approximately 15 letters
Large ($150) approximately 20 letters

How can I buy a donor tile?

If you wish to purchase a donor tile, download a donor tile form and then return the completed form to The George Gregan Foundation:

By email
By post GPO Box 873 Sydney NSW 2001

You will receive an official receipt for your tax deductible donation.

When will my tile be on the wall?

Tiles are placed on the donor walls up to four times each year. You will be notified when your tile is on the donor wall.

If you wish to purchase a tile on behalf of another, for example as a special thank you or Christening gift, we can provide a donor tile certificate which can be given to the recipient.

If you have any queries about donor tiles please call 1300 306 608 or email