Your Stories


“I just wanted to say Thank you. My 12 month old daughter Ruby just underwent heart surgery at Westmead Children’s and is in the Edgar Stephens ward. While she was confined to her cot she loved looking out the window at your wonderful playground which helped pass the time and assisted in entertaining her. As she began recovering, she first spent some time on the balcony admiring the park, and today got to actually go out there for half an hour. She was so excited her arms were flapping and her legs kicking – it is the old Ruby coming back prior to being sick. She really loved the motorbike on the spring and the swinging chair. I just wanted to say that from a parent’s perspective it is amazing, whether it be somewhere special to spend some time with older siblings, when you just need some fresh air, or when you are at your wits end and have no more entertaining up your sleeve, the playground is amazing. Thanks again for making a difficult time just that much easier.”
– Nardia Kerin

“What a playground! It is the most impressive playground I have EVER seen. My son was in hospital on crutches and was able to enjoy the playground during his recent hospital stay. I liked the fact that the playground had something for ABSOLUTELY everyone, regardless of age, mobility or special needs. Lost for words – just brilliant. Keep up the great work.”
– Angela McDonald at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, Canberra

“I just wanted to say another big thankyou!. Back in January 2012 my 1 year old daughter Ruby was lucky enough to play in your Sydney playground when we were at the Children’s Hospital, Westmead where Ruby had heart surgery.
Today we visited her cardiologist in the outpatients at the Centenary Woman’s and Children’s Hospital in Canberra and she was delighted to see the GG playground. Ruby is now 3 and loving life.
Thanks so much for another great playground and distractor from the numerous medical procedures the kids have to endure. It brings a smile to their faces.”
– Nardia Kerin


“I can’t help but cry tears of joy every time we go to Randwick and Westmead. Our son George has multiple conditions which are very rare and serious. We attend both hospitals on a weekly bases as he has teams who look after his needs. I cry tears of happiness every time we enter your play area as it allows our little man to be a child and not a medical marvel. He has the best time and looks no different‎. It also ‎gives us the opportunity to enjoy our gorgeous George. His brothers and sisters love the play area as it is not a clinical surrounding.
Thank you for making our time in hospital a pleasant one. You have no idea the impact the play area has made to our family, and to be honest the smile it brings on his face is priceless. Thank you thank you thank you. For allowing our little boy and his siblings to be kids.”
– Anna

“We were recently at the new Centenary Hospital for Women and Children in Canberra with our daughter who was having her tonsils out. Our stay in hospital was made so much more pleasant because of the wonderful playground built by your foundation and I just wanted to say thank-you! It made a big difference to a stressful day.”
– Alison and Florian

“I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful work your foundation is doing in establishing playgrounds in hospitals around Australia. Last week I was in the Canberra Hospital with my son who had to have an operation on his finger. It was only day surgery but it could have been a long, boring and scary day for him (and me). However, having the GG playground there meant that he spent most of the morning playing on the wonderful equipment and had more of a holiday than a hospital stay.”
– Celia Vuckovic

“Thank you for your amazing park at The Centenary Hospital for Women and Children in Canberra. It helped entertain our daughter while our premmie is in intensive care. The park is making this very difficult journey much easier. We are so grateful”
– Sonya Neufeld


“We recently travelled from Adelaide to Westmead Children’s Hospital in Sydney for my son. He is 5 and suffers from refractory epilepsy. He was being assessed as a surgical candidate and was admitted for 4 days of testing. We wanted to let you know what a great playground you have set up at the hospital and just how much relief it provides for both kids and parents. The playground is such a bright, happy, interactive, fun and interesting place. There’s not a kid who wouldn’t enjoy themselves there and as a family, we were very lucky and privileged to be able to use it a few times during our stay at Westmead. Aside from the playground itself, it is very comforting knowing that we are not the only family going through this and that there are people like yourselves who are actively working to improve things for those affected by epilepsy.”
– Susie and Darren Smith (and Jessica 7, Thomas 5 and Lily 2)

“I am delighted to explain the many benefits of the George Gregan Playground at Sydney Children’s Hospital. It is very much part of our comprehensive model of care. The playground serves an essential, and previously unmet, need in offering an outdoor space for play and recreation. In addition, we have incorporated some therapeutic aspects of physiotherapy and rehabilitation.”
– Les White, Chief Paediatrician for NSW Health (and former Chief Executive of SCH)

“The George Gregan Foundation kindly constructed a new playground at Sydney Children’s Hospital in 2010. The playground has been an exciting addition to our facilities and has provided invaluable outdoor space and respite for children and families of Sydney Children’s Hospital. The playground is accessible through the physiotherapy and outpatient departments, and has thus been able to be utilised by both outpatients and inpatients. The design of the playground was carefully thought out and therefore has multiple applications, including respite from the ward environment, outdoor physical activity for children, sensory stimulation and therapy applications. The playground is a truly wonderful contribution from the George Gregan Foundation and will be utilised for many years.”
– Michael Doumit, Senior Physiotherapist

“Having the George Gregan Playground makes such a difference to the children and families who come to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead – it’s a hugely important part of our ‘total healing environment’ and while the children we treat are very sick, they are still children and play is such an important way of enabling them to express themselves.”
– Tony Penna, Former Chief Executive of The Children’s Hospital at Westmead